Creating models from scratch or starting from interactive gallery parts. Each builder offers unique options for every detail of the design. Do more with less effort.  


With all the components from your design connected between them, allows you to make any changes easily keeping the model proportions. The design history comes automatic on a logic modelling process. Every part of your piece is interactive following a simple workflow. 


Multiple Gem settings available to create sets for any stone. With Panther you can rely on precision stone setting without compromising the design needs. Each unique Gem deserves a custom set.   


Each builder can be defined from scratch or even starting from the gallery where sample parts are available to start from. 

The possibility to save your custom gallery parts is also available, providing the opportunity to fully customize your gallery. 


Patterns are the faster way to create high volume jewelry parts with a small amount of metal. Either using patterns from the gallery or adding your own ones, there are several controls to accomodate them on each piece. 


Panther is built on top of Rhino 6.0 and Grasshopper. Each step of the design is saved, enabling you to make any further adjustments and updating all the steps saved in real time. This is a huge time saving creating or changing designs.  


The Cycles integration on Rhino 6.0 as Raytraced Display Mode and Optimized for Jewelry.  Rendering is available through both CPU and GPU computation which ensures the best performance from your machine.

Welcome to real time rendering. 



With an appealing interface and intuitive tools, understanding the software becomes pleasant and fun. Making jewelry has never been so easy. The learning curve is quite fast, even for users with no previous experience in CAD. Although there are plenty of advanced features for expert 3D users. 

You can take the most in a very simple way. Roar with Panther - share your creativity!

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Getting Started

How to start with the first steps to get familiar with the software tools and options available. 


User Guide

Extensive description for each option inside every single tool available on the software.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorial series with full design process explained in detail, workflow possibilities.




  • 16 GB memory (RAM) or more is recommended.

  • 1GB or more disk space is recommended.

  • OpenGL 4.1 capable video card is recommended.

  • Multiple-button mouse with scroll wheel is recommended.

  • The SpaceNavigator is supported.

  • Apple hardware is supported with Bootcamp.

Operating systems

  • Windows 10

Not supported:

  • Linux

  • Windows 8 or 7

  • Windows XP 64-bit

  • Windows Vista, NT, 95, 98, ME, or 2000

  • Windows 32-bit all versions

  • Virtualization systems on OS X such as VMWare and Parallels

  • OS X 10.10.4 (early versions of Yosemite) and any earlier versions

Internet connection for

  • Download and installation

  • License validation

  • Trial Version

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  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
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