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  • Do I need Rhino to use Panther?
    Yes, Panther is a Rhino 7 Plug-in for Jewelry, just make sure to be using the latest Rhino version and it will be able to load Panther as well. In case you don't have it installed we will ask you to install it along with Panther.
  • Can I evaluate the software before purchase Panther?
    Yes, Panther Trial version is available to evaluate the software. It's fully funcional for 30 days.
  • What's the difference between the Panther and Panther Cub?
    There are 2 versions available, Panther commercial license includes all the features and Panther Cub license there are a few tools less. You can consult the list of both in here:
  • Do I need internet connection to use the software?
    Internet connection is required only for activation, after that it can be used online with the Cloud license option. Alternativelly there is also available the Static license to use the software without internet connection.
  • Is Panther available for Grasshopper?
    Yes, Panther is a Plug-in for both Rhino and Grasshopper, take the best from both worlds.
  • I already use Rhino, can I load Panther to it?"
    Yes, Panther is a Rhino Plug-in for Jewelry, just make sure to be using the latest Rhino 7.0 SR and it will be able to load Panther as well.
  • How to show Panther Toolbar inside Rhino?
    To show the Panther Toolbar you can use the command _PtShowToolbar to load it.
  • I don't have Rhino, can I also evaluate the software?"
    Yes but remember that Panther is a Plug-in and you can download Rhino Evaluation version is available in McNeel website:
  • How can I learn to use the software?
    There are several resources available to learn how to use the software. We recommend to get familiar with general workflow by using our videos and tutorials online. Also there is available an extensive description for each tool inside the program. Meanwhile you can reach us directly, our team is always ready to assist. Finally we and our partners are organizing training classes periodically in different locations to be announced time to time.
  • Panther is not loading after the last update!
    Most likely you will just need to update Rhino to the latest service release in order to load Panther update too, please confirm:
  • What's the better computer to run Panther?
    For a better design experience we suggest to run Panther on a machine that fits the system requirements available at:
  • Can I load Panther in Rhino for Mac?
    Panther runs only on top of Rhino for Windows, the only option for Mac users is through Bootcamp. Please consult the system requirements at:
  • Is there available an Educational Version?
    Yes we have a special version for Students or Teachers for educational purposues:
  • What are the changes in the latest Panther Update?
    Pease consult the Changelog for the documented list on each version:
  • Text is not showing properly on the side panel.
    Please confirm your Windows display settings to be 100%
  • Is there available any production guide?
    Yes, please consult the production guide if you are getting familiar with jewelry manufacting standards:
  • I prefer Grasshopper canvas with default colors.
    To set Grasshopper to defaults just go to File > Special Folders > Settings Folder and delete the grasshopper_gui file. After restart Rhino it will revert to defaults.
  • Understanding Boolean Operations.
    Boolean operations are part of everyday workflow on 3D modelling. Even we have develop our own Parametric toolset inside Rhino, we are always working using Rhino engine to create Panther builders. It's recommendable to understand how the Boolean operations are handled inside Rhino to avoid any issues: Boolean FAQ
  • Where can be found the Rhinoceros Documentation?
    Rhino has an extensive help documentation online, it can be found here: Rhinoceros Help
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