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Rhino 7.0

Panther 1.7.2112.06
All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • General, Parametric Import and Copy & Paste implemented, it allows to Ctrl+C Ctrl+V or import a Panther 3dm file maintaining the paramteric hisotry (file size is also reduced about 10%).

  • General, Panel Commands and Panel Materials, don’t scroll until the end when the panel is smaller than the content, usually in small resolutions (bug fix).

  • General, Change tooltips with mouse button (left right) for left handed configurations.

  • General, Added Radiate item after Symmetry SubD in Panther UI.

  • All Commands, Set weights in real time while a Panther command is running.

  • All Commands, Opening a command with another opened which has no geometry generated, and click on Validate Command, it adds an empty bad item to Command History, cancel it instead (bug fix).

  • All Commands, The panels that should be expanded when command begins (edit or new) are collapsed and usersized in 2k, 4k (bug fix).

  • All Commands, Cancelling command with a selector asking for a "Get Object" in the command line should be cancelled as well the command (bug fix).

  • All Commands, Disable and Enable Undo/Redo buttons while is or not available an undo/redo operation for the running command.

  • All Commands, Delegate Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Y during Panther command to Panther command instead to Rhino.

  • All Commands, Forbidden objects (for command selectors like avoid show profiles on rail selector, avoid show ring rails on profile selectors…) should skip also it’s transformed (mirrored, polar array…) forbidden objects (bug fix).

  • All Commands, Showing and hiding Rhino objects, should update command objects selectors if a command is running (like adding or deleting). 

  • All Commands, French translation Fixes,

  • All Commands, Objects Selector, non selectable dropdown items leave a blank space (bug fix).

  • All Commands, Profile Selector, right click menu added (Rename, Duplicate, Edit and Delete) for library items.

  • All Commands, Profile selector, menu, and contextual menu new strings localization (Spanish and French).

  • All Commands, Profile Selector, edit profile button, panel and dropdown icons are undersized in 2k, 4k (bug fix).

  • All Commands, Profile Editor, Fixed for left handed users, and bug fixing on close the command without validate/cancel profile editing.

  • Command History, When cursor is over an item, highlight it’s twin subitems too on Hisotry tree.

  • Command History, Added delete option for items. 

  • Command History, Hiding or showing cmd history item (by panther eye button or rhino command), should update it’s twin subitems visibility (regular or grayed out).

  • Command History, When an item is selected, pass the focus to Rhino objects (To allow select items and press delete for example or esc the selection).

  • Panel Materials, Item icons are cut at the bottom in all reolutions (bug fix).

  • Panel Materials, Item names are not fully displayed in 2k, 4k (bug fix).

  • Panel Materials, Sliders (Resolution X, Resolution Y and Passes) show decimal places instead of integers. (bug fix).

  • Panel Materials, Passes slider not working (bug fix).

  • Panel Materials, Material Type combo is undersized in 2k, 4k (bug fix).

  • Panel Materials, Resolution X, Resolution Y and Passes images and density sliders don’t show any image (bug fix).

  • User Folder, Added an option to reset factory/user files.

  • User Folder, It's not updated after install an update (a manual reset "_ptResetUserFolder" is required) (bug fix).

  • Weight Control, (Panther UI bottom left corner) title labels (Metals and gems at bottom left) letters are not fully shown. 

  • Weight Control, (Panther UI bottom left corner) when the app is scaled down, the metal and gem labels overlap the values, weight values should be visible instead titles (bug fix).

  • Copy to gems, Added mutual exclusion for source and target Gems.

  • Copy to gems, output type is none it should works like mirror or polar array commands (bug fix).

  • Pave, initial layout and all icons and controls undersized in 2k, 4k (bug fix).

  • Gem Info, Selectors items are undersized at, and Gem output is not redrawing all text until resized manually (bug fix).

  • Cabochon, selector items are undersized 2k, 4k (bug fix).
    Mixed Gems, selector items are undersized 2k, 4k (bug fix).

  • Gem on Ring, gem selector items (panel and combos) are oversized in 4k (bug fix).

  • Texture, selector icons oversized in 2k,4k (bug fix).

  • Cross Cutters, don’t fit to gem position, table girdle or culet option (bug fix).

  • Filigree and Millgrain, doesn’t work with Mirror and Polar Array (bug fix).

  • Halo, Added Flat Channel option.

  • Gem on Ring and Trilogy, Mouse wheel on slider doesn’t apply proportional (bug fix).

  • Gem Info, validate without gems, generates an empty pdf doc, cancel as the rest of the commands (bug fix).

  • Metal on Curve, typing an angle with single profile checked, it’s applying it only to the first one, it should be applied to all of them (bug fix).

Panther 1.7.2109.10
All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • 4K compatibility implemented

  • Undo Redo implementation

  • Pave in French and Rhino UI shows in English, Fixed

  • Toolbar translation to Spanish and French

  • Gem, Adding more than one gem and right clicking deletes the last gem instead cancel, Fixed

  • Gem, Adding gems and cancelling makes the command crash, Fixed

  • Material Platinum 950 doesn’t work, Fixed

  • Removed “Metal Selection” material for non english languages.

  • Rhino UI, if Panther Toolbar is not opened,a button appears in Panther blank Panel

  • GH Display Material component performance gain

Panther 1.7.2107.8
All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • French translation implementation

  • Related Tools implemented on Panther Commands

  • Enable "Drag only selected objects" setting for first time installations on Panther UI

  • Gems Conversion respect original sub layers structure nested under Gems layer

  • Gems preselection and cutter doesn’t apply presets, Fixed

  • Materials are not applied on extrusions, Fixed

  • Trim Sphere or extrusion generate a non usable object, Fixed

  • Pave recovery gems are over height, Fixed

  • Added Italian and Chinese ring size charts

  • Channel Cutter along Gems on Curve ignore autosort and keeps original gems order

  • AutoSweep doesn't auto order profiles, fixed

Panther 1.7.2104.8

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Mixed Gem Cuts proportional icon missing (bug fix)

  • Micro cutters group on Object Selector changed both groups to MicroCutter 

  • Bezel and Head with mirrored gems is reversed (bug fix)

  • Mutual exclusion for Profile Placer rail and outside rail Selectors

  • AutoSweep Mutual exclusion for second rail Selector

  • Gems on Curve/Ornaments Auto Orient on embedded Panther isocurves 

  • Gems on Curve Edit, proportional is not restored

  • Panther UI is frozen at second run after install in some machines (bug fix)

  • Reset User Folder remember user settings on new updates

  • Keep user defined colors for Panther UI (defaults can be restored by _ptResetUserFolder)

  • Make Emergency file remember Panther objects

  • New comand (PtConvertGems) to convert gems from other popular and outdated plug-ins

  • Prompting a new update will download Web Installer

  • Materials fix on change to Raytraced display mode

  • Clicking on Render will set raytraced mode if any raytraced mode is enabled

  • Gem Info implemented also in Rhino with option to export to PDF​

  • Prongs Row allows gradual sizes also on Bar and Channel settings 

  • 1.7 users without Rhino 6 installed get a dll error (bug fix)

  • Display Matarial component speed increase

  • Rope not working on multiple curves (bug fix)

  • Gems on Curve: added option to move horizontal

  • Channel Cutter tweaks on cap types

  • Micro Cutters: added options to invert small cutters and hide end cutters

  • Halo: added Profile selector and Move gems options

  • Bezel: added options to Chamfer top and Side Buldge

  • Eternity Band: added Channel Width option and hide stone settings

  • Gem Cutter from Gallery fixed

  • New Selection Commands (PtSelGems, PtSelProngs, PtSelCutters)

  • Under Bezel Tweaks

  • Auto Cut, Crv from 2 Views and Auto Extrude accept Panther generated curves (bug fix)

  • Bezel: Adapt to ring option wont execute if gem is inside the ring rail or outside the projection range

  • Gems Count display added to Eternity, Halo and Gems on Curve builders

  • Gallery implemented on Micro Cutters and Channel Cutter

Panther 1.7.2102.8

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Bug fix on multiple selection drop down menus

  • Auto Cut Planar curve don't delete by default

  • Head top rail vertical distance (bug fix)

Panther 1.7.2102.3

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Head: Implemented Top Rail Horizontal offset 

  • Azure Cutters now supports SubD objects

  • Metal on Curve: added single profile option

  • Prongs Row: Implemented Gradual Sizes option and Bar Setting tweaks

  • Channel Cutter: added options to get the Height from the gems also both side caps switch

  • Curve on Ring Rail now supports also inside to outside direction to project

  • Orient on Object Auto selected on Panther isocurves 

  • Boolean Preselection auto detect cutters as objects to remove

  • Hinge opening angle - real time computing 

  • Reset user folder will ask for reboot after executed

  • Hollow Ring Tweaks

  • Head: Adapt to ring option wont execute if gem is inside the ring rail or outside the projection range. Plus bug fix on twisted prong cases

  • Crash fixed updating doc geometry by background process

  • Crash fixed on opening any command if objects are not synchronized  

  • Crash fixed on Rasterize image selector

  • Crash fixed on Pave Prongs clicking on mouse mode with no object selected 

  • Error message referencing dll on fresh installation 

  • Error fix: moving Panther object clicking on Rhino gumball and entering a value by keyboard makes the objects loose Panther properties

  • Error fix: Pave Prongs Mouse Mode don't allow to clear selection 

  • Error fix: Date Parse Error for Thailand calendar and other non gregorian calendars which prevents activating correctly 

  • Error fix: Restore Objects button doesn't work (Command History Item)

  • Error fix: Mirrored or transformed objects are not able to use it in channel cutter, bezel, due it's not a gem type anymore (implemented multiple inheritance types) 

  • Bug fix: Deleting a mirrored object and others doesn't delete it from Command History

  • Bug fix: Plane selector (get point for, gem position, mirror position...) is not showing the geometry at the first iteration

  • Micro Cluster Tweaks

  • Bug fix: Pear and a few other Gem cuts are not computed on Panel weight

  • Bug fix: Gems on Curve rotation angle not visible (only if Orient to Object is set)

  • Bug fix: resetting the User Folder doesn't work executing from Panther Options 

  • Bug fix: Profile Editor save button doesn't work on Rhino SR2  

  • Channel Cutter, Prongs Row and Micro Cutters no auto sort by distance if gems on curve is given

  • Allow rhino toolbars option only shown on Panther UI 

  • Added an open toolbar button on settings page for Rhino UI

Panther 1.7.2012.21

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Panther Display Mode not loaded, fixed

  • Loading 3dm from older versions doens't work, fixed

  • Bombe Ring geometry glitches, fixed

Panther 1.7.2012.17

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Rhino 7.0 Plug-in Integration

  • SubD Shank implemented

  • SubD Signet implemented

  • SubD Ring implemented

  • SubD Bezel implemented

  • Initial license check performed in background (if license validation fails at start up no message is shown now, it will show the login form at command run)

  • Splash Screen Progress Bar

  • Show deleted objects on object selector with 50% opacity (Editing commands)

  • On Edit command, profiles (Top bottom etc) are not shown on UI, Fixed

  • Add SubD for Gem Selection, pave object selectors...

  • 2 Rhino Toolbars with different names (1.6 for Rhino6 and 1.7 for Rhino7) added both to the user folder, set for each plug-in it's corresponding toolbar

  • Text on Curve every keypress compute, fixed

  • Pull and Push operations on Panther SubD (Move point) delete them from Command History

  • On Editing, Panther object selector is able to click on the selected item and deselect it

  • Render from material panel run _Render command with newly Rhino Render (Cycles)

  • Rhino commands convert the object from Panther to Rhino object

  • Commands with option to Adapt to Ring (Head & Bezel) keep ring size after transform operations (bug fix)

  • Cabochon edit show side panel (bug fix)

Panther 1.6.2107.26
All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Gem Info command implementation

  • Gem conversion from other software implementation

  • Bug changing display mode doesn't update materials, fixed

  • Login error fix for non gregorian calendars

Panther 1.6.2102.10

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Head & Bezel: Adapt to ring option wont execute if gem is inside the ring rail or outside the projection range.

  • Crash Updating Doc geometry (fixed)

  • Crash in Rasterize image selector (fixed)

  • Don't show 1.7 updates

Panther 1.6.2012.21

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Commands with option to Adapt to Ring (Head & Bezel) keep ring size after transform operations (bug fix)

  • Cabochon edit show side panel (bug fix)

  • Loading Commands History opening a 3dm file (bug fix)

Panther 1.6.2012.10

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Opening panels speed increase when pave is runnning

  • Transforming any Panther object in Rhino, doesn't update the children, Fixed

  • Added Panther.exe to link 3dm and stl files (among others) to be opened with Panther UI

  • Transform operations bug fixes

  • Delete objects bug fixes

  • Panther last load crash message fixed

  • Set Custom object names to keep command type as the original

  • Set Mutual exclusion selectors on Boolean, Curve From 2 View, Flow on Surface

  • Edit commands doesn't keep Delete input options on UI, Fixed

  • Selecting from document (select individual object from group) select all groups, Fixed

  • Changed object selector icons for group, now show the type and group icon

  • Calotte Wire display Fixed

  • Error opening UI (it shows nothing or out of screen) fixed

  • Load Time reduced 20% aprox and RAM amount reduced

  • Profile Editor Implemented

  • Boolean delete options

  • On open a 3dm progress is shown on Rhino progress bar

  • Text on Curve - mid option implemented

  • Smooth Cap supports non planar curves

  • Auto Extrude Implemented

  • Flip Gems keep groups

  • Commands History options implemented to duplicate, add, delete, etc

Panther 1.5.2010.27

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Geometry localization updated on some languages

  • Internal parametric system updated

  • Barion Cut updated

Panther 1.5.2010.21

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Pave prongs substancial speed increase 

  • Double click disabled on non Panther objects

  • Prongs on object speed increase

  • Gems on Curve: distance between gems incresed

Panther 1.5.2010.19

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Show user folder button is openeing user files instead factory

  • Hollow ring selector don't get settings y cutters

  • When there are a lot of objects on document, moving, adding, deleting... objects is freezing the UI, fixed

  • Plugin load Message box fixed.

  • Start Panther UI flicker removed

Panther 1.5.2010.14

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Login crash fixed

  • Sometimes shows an error at startup - fixed

  • RUI error message opening Rhino UI fixed

Panther 1.5.2010.13

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Compute on background all commands

  • Progress bar display on computing tools

  • Pave tool implemented

  • Pave Prongs implemented

  • Auto Squish tool implemented

  • Rasterize tool implemented

  • Auto Sweep tool implemented

  • Texture tool implemented

  • Twin Shank builder implemented

  • Allow Rhino toolbars on Panther UI under options

  • New User folder system, store user files in a parallel folder, on update replace factory folder and keep user data

  • On First Install doesn't set Panther Display Mode (only some computers) fixed 

  • Head builder tweaks

  • Dropdown menus first show was not placed correctly, fixed

  • Gem position selector and other increased precision

  • Gem position selector doesn't use other gems, cabochons or cutters as reference to place along the objects

  • Prongs Row tool recognize any gems order on the document

Panther 1.0.2007.8

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Automatic conversion for meshes (serialization issue)

  • Runing Panther and opening a file, asks to save the default empty template file, now it doesn't

  • Allows the user to start using Panther and keep loading other plug-ins in background, it speed up the loading on Users which have a lot of GH Plug-ins

  • Added Proportional option to Charm and Quad Ellipsoid commands

  • Quad Ellipsoid and Isocurve commands - objects type adjusted

  • Isocurves duplicated in Objects selectors, fixed

  • On Save Document update the file size in Panther UI

  • Booleans Selectors, Curve From 2 Views and Flow On Srf Selector are mutual exclusive for selected objects (if object is selected in first selector, doesnt show in the second selector)

  • 3dm File size compute parametric history on background (improve open file speed)

  • Bright Cutter geometry optimized

  • Flow on surface updated to show flatened trimmed surfaces as reference when selected

Panther 1.0.2006.26

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Editing geometries with Rhino SR27 get hiden, fixed

Panther 1.0.2006.23

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Store geometry on Save Document, and set it on Open Documents

  • On Edit commands, profiles are not set, fixed

  • Flow on Surface, moving target geometry now updates the result in real time

  • Mirror - added option for Z axis symmetry

  • Fixed Auto Pattern loading issue

Panther 1.0.2006.22

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Prongs on Objects ignore other prongs, gems, or cutters etc.. as reference to orient

  • Restore Delete input option on edit commands

  • Preselected objects accept gallery selection

  • Problem editing in some computers, fixed

  • Added message on command run if Panther is still loading

  • Optimized round prongs geometry for faster performance

  • Optimized round gem cutters geometry

  • Millgrain supports multiple curves

  • Signet smooth cap optimized for surface reference tools

  • Metal on Curve optimized on closed curves

  • Canceling a command does not highlight on History panel, fixed

  • Weight calculation adjusted to the latest changes in SR26

Panther 1.0.2005.31

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Mirror, changing the plane, generate multiples - fixed

  • Remember Ring Region and size on Ring objects

  • Hability to Restore Delete input option on edit commands

  • Changed Profile Placer output curves type to "Profile"

  • Ring Size on Head or Bezel (if not enabled Adapt to Ring) isn't used as ring reference on commands

  • Gallery parts now accepted with preselection

Panther 1.0.2005.30

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Prongs on Object placement - bug fix

  • Open 3dm files by double click doesn't show command history - fixed

  • Opening a 3dm (with Open Command) after Panther or Rhino is loaded, shows an error message - fixed

  • Ornaments on Curve - Both sides fixed

  • Fingerprint update to fix static license problem

  • Gallery parts now accept multiple objects

Panther 1.0.2005.26

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Old 3dm doesn't read the weigths, fixed

  • Selectors doens't highlight the objects in viewport, fixed

  • Autocut Inner part keep object type 

  • Avoid large computation display highlight object (Command History)

  • After open command & cancel, undo, move an object or save & load, the object is not editable - fixed

  • Cabochon optional custom curve automaticaly adjust to given curve sizes

  • Azure optional border curve fixed

  • Setting grounds with non English lauguages is now fixed

  • Rendering by Render Panel doesn't work in non english languages is now fixed

  • Boolean Intersection Tooltip fixed

  • Snail builder doesn't generate geometry, fixed

Panther 1.0.2005.20

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Editing geometries with child object, childs disappear on validate, fixed

  • Saving geometry in some cases show "Write error definition table": fixed

  • Position option in Cabochon doesn't show name: Fixed

  • Charms position added

  • Added version info to login

  • Groups from builders restructured

  • Weight bug fixed

  • Gems on Curve: added option to taper from center

  • AutoCut and other commands with "delete Input" options in Objects selector, doesn't remember delete input option when edited

  • Micro Cluster: Added option to move vertically

  • Selecting an object from the commands History Panel show the gumball if enabled

  • Auto Voronoi computes outer trim on surfaces and ignore inner trimmed parts

  • Ornaments on Curve: added option to taper from center

  • Bangle Rail: added optional Outside rail

  • Ring Builders: Added top and bottom profiles independently

  • Ring Rail and Outside Rail: Added optional open distance

  • Builders open Gallery by default when available 

  • Micro Cutters and Cross Cutters: added optional invert cutter 

  • Boolean Split with History is now available

  • Version Control system implemented

  • Command PtWeight added to open and select as active weight panel on Rhino UI

  • Groups and layers preserved on transform operations

Panther 1.0.2002.21

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Gems, Cabochon, Profile Placer, Prongs on Object - selecting, editing and adding - workflow tweaks on multiple positions

  • Profile Placer added ability to work with external curve on multiple positions

  • Not showing automatic isocurves from builders - fixed

  • Sliders numeric wheel increment adjusted to slider increment

  • Panther Web Installer crash fixed

  • Panther Web Installer auto download Rhino if not installed or if previous version is found

  • Mouse central button assigned to ptEdit on Panther UI on the program first run.

  • Added Edit Button on Panther UI

  • PtEdit command ask for objects if none is selected

  • Automatic release from pick point on close command if set position is active

  • Planar Cutters generates a single cutter per axis if multiples objects are selected

  • Link to Changelog on Panther Splash Screen

  • Version type displays on Panther UI title

Panther 1.0.2002.7

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Program strings localization to Spanish

  • Update Dialog is shown always on top most

  • Commands with delete input object (like boolean), keeps geometry hidden on Cancel, Fixed

  • Commands with object selectors are updated on real time adding or removing geometry to Rhino.

  • First run doesn't create the full user folder, Fixed

  • If first run is Panther UI, next time opening on Rhino UI doens't show Panther toolbar, Fixed

  • Panther UI freezes after some hours inactive, Fixed

  • Sometimes gives a loading message at start up, fixed

  • On installing new updates the user settings are mantained

  • Cabochon sizes have increased ranges

  • Veni diameter unlocked

  • Profile placer updated add profile option and mirror dropdown

  • Right Click expands a tab from side panel without colapse the others

  • Prong on Object capture automatically objects on document

Panther 1.0.2001.25

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Core loading crash fixed in Panther interface

Panther 1.0.2001.24

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Clicking gumballs on Panther UI, disable the numeric input. Fixed

  • When token is expired, license cannot be valiated, fixed.

  • Icon size increased for the dropdown material categories

  • Handle objects not present in the command history

  • License info dialog (multiple licenses) should be shown over the sign up

  • Cabochon Shape allow to add custom curves

  • Run window normalized instead minimezed at startup

  • Korean Ring Size Chart Included

  • Exposure added for Panther GH Components

  • Wrong geometry bug for builders with non English language - Fixed

  • Micro Cutters, Added option to disable cutters between gems

  • Prongs Row forced to ask for gems on the selector by default

  • Cathedral Ring allow Increased shoulder angle

  • Plugin load speed up to 400% faster

  • Added co-existence compatibility with other plugins

  • Gem, Cabochon, Prongs on Object, Profile Placer, Bail, Bead and Micro Cluster allow multiple placement

  • Added 20 seconds autoclose timer on Splash screen

  • Adeed 19.25K Yellow Gold to Metals list of materials

Panther 1.0.1912.7 - Beta

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Installer check for Rhino version and prompts to install if needed

  • Chain tool bug fixed, now generates geometry

  • Direct link to Sing Up on "Create new account" Login Control

  • Added Close icon to splash screen

  • PtShowToolbar Command only works on the first run: Bug Fixed

  • Ring Rail Component doesn't show Curve in Grasshopper: Bug Fixed

  • Ouside Profile selector fixed on the Shaped Ring Component in Grasshopper

  • Computing hidden objects, show them after validation: Bug Fixed 

  • Updated Selector for Tools with input Reference

Panther 1.0.1911.29 - Beta

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Tooltips added to Panther commands in side panel

  • Limited auto pattern and ornament to 3 first options for trial version

  • Reset User Folder command added: PtResetUserFolder

  • Clicking on the PantherApp Titlebar set the focus to Rhino

  • Added Ring region for Brazil

  • Limited auto pattern and ornament to 3 first patterns for trial version

  • Command Toltip contered at bottom

  • Auto center Time box

Panther 1.0.1911.18 - Beta

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Licensing System Implemented: Cloud license and Static License

  • Boolean Operations bugs fixed

  • Section from Ring: Added Number of Sections and Fill Angle

  • Ornaments Gallery Updated

  • Updated Selector for Tools with Surface Reference

  • Rhino Toolbar Updated

  • Panther dialog box Updated

Panther 1.0.1911.6 - Beta

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Bug cancelling a gem setting command and running any other setting command which make gems no selectable, Fixed

  • Preselection on command open should be reflected in selectors dropdowns, Fixed

  • Command Dropdowns show a last empty option, Removed

  • Redo not working, Fixed

  • Copy by gems not working, fixed

  • Moving a Panther object in viewport and undoing the action causes a not correct placement of the object, Fixed

  • When Panther is installed or after reset user folder, first run doesn't generate geometry, Fixed

  • License checkin error at token expired, bug fixed

  • Undo step doesn't allow to edit objects, Fixed

  • Save & Load files doesn't allow to edit objects, Fixed

  • Channel Cutter - End Caps Dropdown menus empty, fixed

  • Fixed yes/no UI dialog

  • RhinoDoc object selection is now reflected on Panther Commands control

  • Opening commands get slowly as more commands are opened, Fixed

  • Right clicking (rotating viewport) loses the command prompt focus, Fixed

  • Update system get some dates (19111 instead 191101) higher for older versions, Fixed

  • Model Time Display looks bigger in low resolutions. Fixed

  • Materials Panel added scroll capability

  • If after installation is executed Panther UI, on opening Rhino UI Panther rui is not loaded

  • Boolean Union and Join not working, Fixed

  • Boolean Commands splitted into Union, Difference and Intersection

Panther 1.0.1910.21 - Beta

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Text on Curve builder added

  • Set a fallback timer for Panther Skin for Rhino messages and external plugins 

  • Prongs Row smooth level not working, fixed

  • Access violation on Close, throw Save through custom back workflow

  • Snail not working, fixed

  • On Open File (click on 3dm) load as Raw objects and crashes, fixed

  • Smooth Cap set to 0 produces a non trimmed surface, fixed

  • Channel cutter Height work as Lateral distance, fixed

  • Prong on object not working, Added Position button which sets the object, surface index, U and V coordinates

  • Automatic update system implemented

  • Detect When a sub-gem (for instance from gems by curve) is deleted and keep it in parametric history

  • Rhino History integration improvements

  • Not showing names when Rhino is set into a non English language, fixed

  • Auto adjust information message windows

  • Copy by gems not working, fixed

  • Hide or show objects through rhino (_Show or _Hide commands )and reflect state in Panther History Panel

  • Zoom modified on Pattern and similar commands, fixed

  • Focus App when it's in background by clicking on viewport

  • Modify Curve (with a gems on curve) longer or shorter should add or remove Gems

  • Keep modifications, manually deleted objects or transformed in the case below (Gems on curve and modify curve)

  • On Add an Rhino object to layer without material, changed to metal

  • Automatic uninstall previous versions running installer

  • Show deleted objects (which other commands depend from) displayed in wireframe

  • Hidden objects are not displayed in a downstream edition chain, but are shown editing the object itself

  • Object highlighted by mouse over in Command History Panel keeps the selection after cursor move out bug, fixed

  • Splash screen now is drag-gable

  • Load environments on first run

  • Profiles previews background color fixed

  • Gem Cutter girdle offset value added

  • Halo: Channel Width changed to Channel Spacing

Panther 1.0.1910.13 - Beta

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • User Folder Unzip crash fixed

  • Default Message Level set to Info (Removed Debug, Warnings, Errors and Crashes)

  • Settings added options for: Reset User Folder, Set User Folder, Show User Folder, Reset Settings

  • Commands added for -> Show User Folder, Show Panther Toolbar

  • Load rui on the first run

  • Rhino History integration

  • Beta Welcome Message added

  • Fail-safe on Panther UI load if hang by Rhino messages  

  • Added Splash screen mouse interaction

  • Load Grasshopper by default

  • Bombé Ring: Side angle slider adjusted for lower ranks 

  • Halo: Prongs Switch added, Prongs Height added, Channel Width Added

  • No text displayed in non-english languages, bug fixed

Rhino 6.0
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