Welcome to Panther!

We are expanding access to digital jewelry, so anyone can make anything. 

Panther specializes in technology for computer based ​jewelry design and development of interactive 3D tools for jewelry creation. In the jewelry world, we are the first Rhino & Grasshopper Plugin to fulfil your ultimate design needs in just a few clicks. 

Our background as leading developers of the most popular jewelry software, such as RhinoGold, and committed to take the needs of our customers very seriously, we have created a new program which aims to attend all your requirements. 

Interactive Design

The new era on jewelry design brings intelligent models which are ready for user interaction anytime. Adjust your settings from any part of the model and it will be completely readjusted without compromise your design. Plus it removes the repetitive tasks and skips the obvious modelling steps. 

However it's always available a complete description with respect to the materials used within your design to prepare the manufacture or help the sale. Every single step is taken into consideration for full optimization.

Implementing the latest technological advances on the CAD processes undoubtedly represents a huge advantage to completely satisfy your design needs as increases the productivity.

Panther combines the most versatile Jewelry Builders with an Interactive Gallery bringing premeditated parts to go into construction of a complete final piece. The software provides a variety of designs in components such as Rings, Gems, Bands, Bezels, Prongs, Profiles, Patterns, Ornaments, Shanks, Cutters, Gem Settings and so much more. These are ready to combine among plenty of possibilities to create one-of-a-kind piece.

The software controls give it’s user the most accurate adjustments with respect to the weight, measures, gems amount, sizes and so on with all the tools. Finally provide you with the perfect Render for Display.


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